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Polish Power Exchange (POLPX S.A.) is operating a modern exchange trading system - CONDICO, delivered by NASDAQ - world's largest developer of trading and clearing systems, applied by many exchanges worldwide (more than 40 implementations).
In 2008, POLPX has provided members of the power exchange with a new brokerage application for the trading system - CONDICO Trade, also developed by NASDAQ.

From the very beginning, members of the Exchange and Energy Trading Society (Towarzystwo Obrotu Energią) were participating in the development of its functional assumptions. The outcome is a tool adapted to their needs - a custom-tailored solution.

Condico Trade is continuously evolving, we are analyzing the feedback of our members, modifying the existing solutions and adding new functionalities.

The first version of the new CONDICO Trade application was implemented on June 10th, 2008, as an already fully functional software package, allowing:

Convenient placement of orders (directly from the market preview screen, order placement window - "submit  best price order" function)

  • Full compatibility with Microsoft Excel (pasting predefined orders directly from the Excel spreadsheet and copying of the previously submitted orders into the spreadsheet)
  • Quick modification of orders submitted to the market (including "set as best" function)
  • Quick, one-button cancellation of all orders ("panic" button)
  • Possibility to track several markets at once, on the market preview screen
  • Checking market depth directly on the market preview screen
  • Choice of columns displayed on the market preview screen
  • Two language versions

The updated version of CONDICO Trade includes improvements resulting from the feedback sent by exchange members, arising from practical usage of the previous version of the system. The key additional functionalities are, among others:

  • Setting price and volume limits on orders by the broker
  • Adding a new functionality for submitting orders and OTC transactions - contextual menu
  • Adding the functionality to activate orders from the market screen
  • "Price hint" function - indication of the price, at which a particular volume will be realized
  • Displaying of instruments' short names
  • Additional functionality for editing the price and volume in the order submission window
  • Highlighting of the active line


Files for download

  • CONDICO Trade - new functions
  • CONDICO Trade - manual
  • Recommendations concering technical matters and the security of access to the IT systems of Polish Power Exchange

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