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Scope of Business

The Polish Power Exchange is a pioneer in the implementation of innovative energy trading solutions. The POLPX commodity markets provide a trading platform for major power industry players.

Scope of Business

1. Operation of a commodity exchange for trade in:

a) electricity,
b) liquid and gaseous fuels,
c) production limits, specifically for electricity generation,
d) emission allowances,
e) property rights arising under the certificates of origin referred to in Article 9e section 1, Article 9l section 1 and Article 9o section 1 of the Energy Law Act of 10 April 1997 (Dz. U. 2006 No. 89, item 625, as amended),
f) property rights other than financial instruments, the price of which is directly or indirectly linked to the price or value of the things specified as to their kind, specific kinds of energy, gaseous fuels, production measures and limits, emission allowances or property rights referred to in point e) above;
g) property rights arising under the energy efficiency certificates referred to in Article 25 par. 1 of the Energy Efficiency Act of 15 April 2011 (Journal of Laws No. 94, item 551),

2. Keeping a register for certificates of origin with respect to energy originating from RES, co-generation units, biogas, and for energy efficiency certificates.

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