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About the exchange

Towarowa Giełda Energii SA (TGE) was established at the end of 1999. In the first six months, from registration of its business operations, it has launched the Day Ahead Market (electricity spot market). In 2003, TGE was the first and so-far only entity to obtain a license to run a commodity exchange market from the Financial Supervision Commission (KNF).

Authorisation for operation

The Exchange is the Market

For sure, the exchange is the essence of the market. One can say that this is the place, where individuals and companies meet, on a regular basis and on specific dates, to conclude "buy" and "sell" transactions of a commodity, such as for example electrical power. Those "meetings" also involve intermediaries (brokers).
The complete liberalization of the electricity market - which became unavoidable in Poland - is creating the need to build a market mechanism for setting the electricity prices. This need can be satisfied by the Polish Power Exchange (TGE). It is offering the possibility to determine an objective market price, being a reference for other transactions concluded on the electrical power market.

TGE, as an organized part of the electricity market is offering its participants a range of benefits:

  • Equal access to market information
  • Clear, transparent and consistent rules for conclusion of commercial transactions for all participants
  • Reduction in the costs of negotiation (automation of the best offer searching process)
  • High level of flexibility in conclusion of transactions
  • Effective management of commercial risks, resulting from fluctuation of the electricity demand price and volume.

The key areas of TGE operations are:

  • Day Ahead Market (DAM),
  • Intraday Market (IDM),
  • Day Ahead Market gas (DAMg),
  • Commodity Forward Instruments Market with Physical Delivery (CFIM),
  • Commodity Forward Instruments Market with Physical Delivery gas(CFIMg),
  • Property Rights Market for Renewable Energy Sources and Co-generation, (PRM)
  • CO2 Emission Allowance Market (EAM).


Kurier TGE

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