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The  Certificate of Origin Register (COR) is the heart of the system supporting electrical power producers in renewable sources and co-generation units. Centralization of registration guarantees reliability and transparency of the system.

The key tasks of the COR include:

  • Identification of entities entitled to property right certificates issued under certificates of origin
  • Identification of eligible property rights resulting from certificates of origin and the amounts of electrical power corresponding to these certificates
  • Registration of certificates of origin and the resulting property rights
  • Registration of transactions concluded in trading of certificates and the balance of property rights resulting from the certificates of origin
  • Issuing of documents certifying the balance of property rights in the register, which are then used by the Energy Regulation Office (Urząd Regulacji Energetyki - URE) for cancellation of certificates of origin

History of the CRO register

The  certificates of origin register for electrical power generated in renewable energy sources was established and launched on October 1st, 2005. On July 1st, 2007, POLPX has introduced two additional registers for property right certificates issued under certificates of origin for energy generated in high-efficiency co-generation units.

On July 13th, 2009, a new IT system was made accessible, combining the three previously operated system, offering all members of the register access to all types of certificates (PMOZE, PMOZE_A, PMGM, PMEC and PMMET). Since July 29th 2011 the IT system is prepared to handle certificates related to the production of biogas. The latest type of certificates, called “white certificates” is available in the COR system from November 5th 2013.



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