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Terms of Use of TGE website www.tge.pl


 § 1

By using this website service (www.tge.pl), including the market data of Towarowa Giełda Energia Spółka Akcyjna (“TGE”) published on the website (or shared through it), you acknowledge and undertake to observe the principles set out below.
These Terms apply also in case when the TGE market data published on the www.tge.pl website do not originate from this site.

§ 2

The TGE market data, market indices and all other databases published or shared through the www.tge.pl website are the property of TGE and any use of the content published in this service which may infringe on the rights of TGE shall be prohibited.

 § 3

The use of TGE market data published in the www.tge.pl website, or shared through this website (including the data comprised in TGE market indices) for the purposes of clearing, developing or creating forward, financial or derivative instruments, shall be subject to the execution of a relevant agreement with TGE.

§ 4

The execution of the relevant agreement with TGE shall also be required for the processing of TGE market data (including the creation of indices) for the purposes mentioned in § 3.

§ 5

Any user of the TGE market data shall be obligated to preserve the data designation adopted by TGE and inform about the origin of such data by indicating this website as the original source of publication.

§ 6

TGE shall have the right to demand that the user of TGE market data corrects or amends any distorted or erroneous TGE market data.


All market indices published at www.tge.pl are subject to the copyright of TGE and are protected under the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights.


All market indices, listings and schedules published on or through this website constitute proprietary databases owned by TGE, protected under the Act of 27 July 2001 on the protection of databases.


The designations of market indices published in this website www.tge.pl are proprietary trademarks of TGE.


TGE shall have the right, at any time, to discontinue, in part or in full, the publication of all or any part of the pages of the www.tge.pl website service (including all or any part of TGE market data), and specifically to withdraw from or introduce changes to the publication of data.


TGE shall not be liable for ensuring that the content of the pages of the website service www.tge.pl is up to date, correct, complete or accurate.
The users of TGE market data and information published in this TGE website service use such data and information at their own risk.
TGE disclaims the liability for any damage which may result from the use of the TGE market data or any information published on the pages of the tge.pl website service to the fullest extent allowed under the law.
TGE disclaims the liability for the publication of erroneous TGE market data (including in case of calculation errors), as well as for any inaccuracies or deficiencies in the TGE market data to the fullest extent allowed under the law.
TGE disclaims the liability for discontinuing, in part or in full, the publication of all or a part of the pages of the www.tge.pl website service (including all or any part of the TGE market data), specifically in case of the withdrawal from or changes to the publication of data, reconstruction of or changes to this website service, maintenance breaks, failures or any force majeure events.
The above disclaimer does not include deliberate fault, provided that the user shall be required to demonstrate direct relationship between the deliberate fault of TGE and the damage inflicted by the user. TGE shall be free of any liability in tort in connection with the use of this website including the TGE market data.

§ 12

These terms of use make part of the principles for the publication of TGE market data.

§ 13

TGE may change these terms of use from time to time at its sole discretion and any such changes shall be effective upon their posting on this website.

§ 14

Any disputes arising from a breach of these terms of use shall be subject to Polish law and the jurisdiction of Polish courts.

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