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Guarantees of Origin (GOs) are an element of European Union’s climate policy, introduced with the aim of disclosing the types of fuels and technologies from which electric Energy is produced. Since energy itself cannot be marked in any way, a system of documents (guarantees) was created. These come into being once energy is produced, and are redeemed when transferred to an end user of electricity. Several European countries are connected to a hub, which enables the international transfer of GOs.

Guarantees of Origin were first introduced in relation to energy produced from Renewable sources (RES), which constitutes an additional incentive to this sector’s growth. Several distribution companies across Europe now guarantee that 100% of the energy they sell comes from RES, sometimes even enabling their clients to choose a particular source. Many of the electricity certification schemes that operate in Western and Northern Europe are also based on GOs. Several states have already introduced disclosure certificates for non-renewable generation.

The Directive 2009/28/EC, which is the legal basis for the creation of GO registries, has been implemented into Polish law in September 2013. A year later TGE has launched the GO Registry. Under Polish law, it is the Energy Regulatory Office that issues GOs, which are then uploaded into our system. Registry users have the option to trade guarantees or transfer them to end users as proof that the Energy they bought has been produced in Renewable sources. They also have the option to apply to TGE for a certificate, which serves as additional confirmation of the amount of electric energy transferred.

Tge GO Registry is a tool for renewable Energy producers, traders, brokers, as well as end users interested in confirming that the Energy they receive comes from renewable sources.

Highlights regarding TGE’s GO registry:

  • Free registration;
  • Issuing guarantees based on information received from the Energy Regulatory Office;
  • OTC transactions that do not require a contract with a brokerage house;
  • Official confirmations sent to end users.


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