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Basic information about TGe24 index – an underlying instrument for futures contracts

• Overview

TGe24 index is the underlying instrument for electricity futures contracts concluded on the Polish Power Exchange. It is determined on the basis of exchange transactions for electricity concluded for hourly products in the single price system during the 1st fixing which is held on the Day-Ahead Market (DAM) operated by the Exchange. The determination of the single price during the 1st fixing takes place everyday at 10:30.

The value of the TGe24 index calculated and announced on a trading day relates to the day on which electricity contracted at DAM will be delivered or off-taken which falls on the following calendar day (delivery day). TGe24 index is calculated every day, holidays included.

Principles of Calculation

TGe24 index is derived as an arithmetic average of the prices in transactions concluded during the 1st fixing held on DAM in each hour of the entire N-1 day for the same delivery date, i.e.:

j – number of hours in the delivery day (from 23 to 25 hours),
Mj – fixing price for jth hour determined in accordance with the Detailed Trading and Clearing Rules for Electricity Traded on the Day-Ahead Market of Polish Power Exchange.

The procedure for the calculation of the fixing price, i.e. the principles for the determination of the price and execution of orders in the single-price system is carried out according to the Detailed Trading and Clearing Rules for Electricity Traded on DAM, which are available at the Exchange's website (

TGe24 index values

The TGe24 index has been calculated and published on the TGE's website with it's historical dxata since 30.06.2015. The current values of the TGe24 are available in the “Market Data” section.

 • TGe24 basic information

TGe24 index ISIN code              PL9999999276
Thomson Reuters code


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