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Corporate Social Responsibility

In November 2015, Towarowa Giełda Energii (TGE) adopted the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy of the WSE Group.
The business strategy of TGE as a member of the WSE Group is implemented in a responsible and transparent manner and involves cooperation and dialogue with all the major stakeholder groups. When carrying out its operations, the company pays attention to community, ethical and environmental considerations. The key objective of the implemented CSR Strategy is to improve the quality of the Polish capital market, which is being pursued through, among other things, educational programmes, promotion of best practices in corporate governance and communication and initiatives supporting the cooperation and open dialogue with and among the market participants.

The CSR Strategy is based on four main pillars which are relevant to the activity of all the WSE Group companies:
•    market development,
•    education,
•    employee relations,
•    environment.

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