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Benefits of TGE membership


  1. Open and transparent rules for entering into transactions
  2. Accumulation of demand and supply for particular exchange commodities
  3. Fixing of objective market prices of electricity
  4. Equal access to market information
  5. Identical terms of the market participation  for all entities, regardless of their size
  6. Security of entering into transactions - the supervision exercised by the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority
  7. Security of transaction clearing process - licensed Warsaw Commodity Clearing House
  8. The lowest transaction fee on the Polish market
  9. Modern and user-friendly order placing application -Xstream Trading and SAPRI, licensed by NASDAQ OMX


Who is entitled to become a TGE member?


  1. Power companies holding licenses for generation, transmission, distribution or trading of electricity
  2. Consumers entitled to use transmission services, who are legal entities
  3. Commodity brokerage houses as well as brokerage houses

  4. Foreign legal entities carrying out brokerage activities within the scope of trading in exchange commoditie

  5. General partnerships, which are not the commodity brokerage houses and which carry out the activity consisting in purchase and disposal of the exchange commoditie

Kurier TGE

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