PCR Market Coupling Algorithm Drukuj +

PCR Market Coupling Algorithm

2016/10/19 - Bucharest / Madrid / Oslo / Paris / Prague / Rome / Warsaw

A new release of Euphemia is scheduled to go-live for delivery day 20th October 2016.
Compared to the current E9.4 release, the differences are:

  • Explicit modelling of cumulative capacities
  • Intuitive flow based logging
    - Logging of intuitive bilateral exchanges;
    - Logging of shadow prices for dynamically generated intuitive FB constraints;
  • Miscellaneous
    - Various small improvements;
  • Market time units
    - Preparation for support of different market time units (15/30/60 minutes) for block orders and curves;

Note: Further changes have been implemented regarding the underlying structure of Euphemia, not visible for the user, but taking into account possible future developments in market design

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