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EUPHEMIA 10.3 - Single Day Ahead Coupling Algorithm

A new release of Euphemia is scheduled to go-live in MRC for delivery day 4 April 2019 and the release in 4M MC is planned for delivery day 15 May 2019. In comparison to the current version, the following changes will be implemented:

•    MNA support
-    Euphemia is prepared to support multi NEMO configurations:

  • Apart from bidding zones, Euphemia now also models scheduling areas within each bidding zone, and NEMO trading hubs within each scheduling area;
  • Scheduled exchanges are calculated between the bidding zones, between the scheduling areas and between the NEMO trading hubs in accordance to requirements set forth by TSO scheduled exchange methodology;
  •  Tie break rules between complex orders and block orders (now possibly between different NEMOs within the same bidding zones) needed to be extended;

•    Changes to the number of parallel threads

  •  The number of parallel threads in MRC had to be reduced from 10 to 8, to counter the expected increase in the problem size due to organic growth, future extensions and MNA implementation;

•    Performance improvements

  • Euphemia’s implementation of the flow based intuitive detection has been improved, aiming to avoid unnecessary calculations;

•    Miscellaneous

  • Various small improvements.

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