Being a member of the Commodity Market opens new opportunities

Benefits of TGE membership:

  • open and clear rules of entering into transactions
  • accumulation of demand and supply of individual commodities
  • setting objective market energy prices
  • equal access to market data
  • equal conditions of participation in the market for all entities, regardless of their size
  • transaction conclusion security - Surveillance of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority
  • transaction clearing security - licensed Commodity Clearing House
  • lowest transaction fee on the Polish market
  • modern and user-friendly in use application for order placement - X-Stream Trading, Sapri licensed by NASDAQ OMX and M7 Trading System.

CM Members | state to 28-07-2021

Company Market maker Country
1. Alpiq Energy SE Oddział w Polsce
2. ATW Kapital GmbH
3. Axpo Polska Sp. z o.o.
4. CEZ a.s.
5. Dom Maklerski BOŚ S.A.
6. DXT Commodities SA
7. Ecoergia Sp.z o.o.
8. EDF Trading Markets (Irleand) Limited
9. Ekologicke Zdroje Energie s.r.o.
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    You will learn how to go through the membership procedure on TGE
  1. I am a CM member

    You will find extra information
    on extending your activity on the Exchange

Review the procedure of becoming a Commodities Market Member

You can be admitted to trading on the Market Commodity Exchange directly or through Broker House. A direct path is presented below. In order to take advantage of the offer of Brokerage Houses, go to the list of intermediaries


  1. 1

    Fill in the membership application (Verification up to 20 days)

    Get permission of the Financial Supervision Commission on the keeping of registers and / or commodity accounts or conduct brokerage business
  2. 2

    Fullfil the requirements for clearing transactions

    Contact IRGIT for membership

    Where to submit

  3. 3

    Get a commodity broker licence for CM

    Submit an application for carrying out the obligatory training and exam for persons representing Exchange Members in transactions on CM

    See the "Detailed Rules of TGE Commodity Market training"

  4. 4

    Submit a completed application for admission to trading on the Commodity Market

    Apply for admission to operate on a selected market run on the Exchange Commodity Market of the Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A.
  5. 5

    Get access to the Exchange IT systems

    Make an appropriate proposal for granting access to the Exchange IT systems
  6. Detailed Terms of Access to the IT Systems of the Exchange

See also

Membership in the Financial Instrument Market

Pursuant to the Trading Rules for the Financial Instruments Market of Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A., the trading parties on the FIM may be Exchange Members admitted to operate on the Exchange.

Benefits of membership in FIM

  • organisation of energy policy in one place;
  • better management of purchase and sales portfolio;
  • security against risk of changes in electricity prices - investors obtain a long-term possibility of
  • security against changes in electricity prices without the need of taking position on the physical market;
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