Market Messages (MM)


07-12-18 Changes in the Guarantee of Origin fees

On December 5, 2018 the management board of Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A. approved changes to the table of fees in Guarantee of Origin Register Rules and thus extended the period of lowered fees in the Guarantee of Origin Registry from 01.01.2019 till 31.12.2019.


05-12-18 XBID – 2nd Wave Go-Live and Changes in Gate Opening Time from 1st January 2019

Over 6.3 million trades completed in XBID. Expansion of XBID into further countries expected summer 2019. Harmonisation of Gate Opening Times from 1st January 2019 will be communicated locally by Transmission System Operators.


05-12-18 Summary of trading activity at TGE in November 2018

•    The volume of electricity traded at TGE in November totalled 22,565,763 MWh, and was higher by 110.7 per cent than in November 2017. On the Commodity Forward Instruments Market with Physical Delivery (CFIM), the volume grew by 133.0 per cent YoY reaching 20,047,150 MWh.
•    The volume of transactions concluded on natural gas markets in November totalled 13,398 188 MWh, which translates to a YoY decrease by 8.9 per cent. The volume of spot market trading increased by 25.5% YoY to 2,734,683 MWh.
•    The volume of electricity property rights traded in November totalled 2,846,387 MWh and was higher by 25.5 than in November 2017.


03-12-18 Towarowa Giełda Energii (TGE) has been the leading NEMO on the domestic electricity market for 3 years now

  • On 2 December 2015, TGE was granted the status of the Nominated Energy Market Operator (NEMO) by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office.
  • The nomination entitles TGE to operate a common market-coupling mechanism for the European day-ahead and intraday electricity markets with respect to the Polish pricing area.
  • TGE is a national platform on which a reference electricity price for the whole domestic market is derived.

22-11-18 Changes in Detailed rules of trading and settlement on DAM

Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A. ("TGE") kindly informs about implementation of block orders in Market Coupling within PCR project (Price Coupling of Regions).


20-11-18 Greek power market operator, Hellenic Energy Exchange S.A. (HEnEx), welcomed as newest member of the Price Coupling of Regions Initiative

20/11/2018 – Athens/ Bucharest / Madrid / Oslo / Paris / Prague / Rome / Warsaw

The power exchanges of the Price Coupling of Regions (PCR) initiative today welcomed Hellenic Energy Exchange S.A. (HEnEx) as a new partner to the PCR. HEnEx is the eighth partner further reinforcing the initiative’s foundation for a single European day-ahead electricity market.

HEnEx joins the existing power exchanges (EPEX SPOT, GME, Nord Pool, OMIE, OPCOM, OTE and TGE) who have been driving the development of PCR ensuring price coupling of day–ahead electricity markets in 24 countries representing over 90% of European power consumption.


08-11-18 Quotations on November 12, 2018.

We kindly inform you, that due to establishment of November 12th 2018 as a non-working day, the Management Board of Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A decided to suspend trading on the Commodity Forward Instruments Market and on the Property Rights Market on November 12th 2018.


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